Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Still Here

Staying near Dallas for the imminent birth of first grandchild (a girl!), I've been camped at Lake Texoma, along the Oklahoma Texas border.  I need an ark!!  Since the day I arrived, it's rained with many tornado warnings with the exception of one day...yesterday!!  So I've had a lot of "think time".

Twenty years ago, I knew I was unhappy.  I was severely lacking in energy, I couldn't connect to anyone in anyway.  This is very difficult to write about...who knew?  Going to keep it simple.

The facts:  I had little energy, I feared lung cancer as the cause as I was a smoker, I was in a controlling relationship and had lost me.  The reality:  my blood was too thick to pull through a syringe, I was within days of a stroke, I had an extremely rare disease that I, to this day, believe was simply a wake up call!

When the rare bone marrow disease was diagnosed, I began to live!  I realized that I hadn't been all.  I did massive research, actually taught my oncologist a few things from that research, and suddenly my life had a purpose.  To live!!  To live more!!  Guess what?  I did and this...this disease went away!

Then to now...HA!!  I can't begin to recount the journey.  So much bad...some good!!  Now IS where I was headed...amen.  If it wasn't, what a blessed detour!!

I live...without the work stress or financial stress.....with simplicity of expectation, finance, and lifestyle.  With the extremely short life expectancy given by my diagnosis (which I have now exceeded by more than 3 years), I recommend LIVING!!  Live as if you will die tomorrow...because you could!  I may die tomorrow...but now I can honestly say I've lived!  Every year is a new world, a new experience.

Life is good, people! Put music to it and it's epic!!!!

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  1. Love this, Love this, Love this! Your friend, Carolyn