Monday, October 27, 2014

Whistle...or Work While You Travel

Traveling with a pet and sleeping in a tent wasn't really conducive to a lot of work options.  However, they are out there.  People are always wanting to know how to live this lifestyle while being able to earn money.  Especially those of us who don't have work-at-home online jobs!!  Now that I have a camper for Lillie to stay in, I CAN work!  "Where?", you ask.  Ha!  That is the question I wanted to hear!

I can do wine tastings for companies nationwide, as I was in Texas.  I just need to find out what the state requirements are and comply (ie. Texas required you to be TABC certified), find companies providing tastings for wine, beer, etc, apply online then simply find jobs that I want to and am able to do.

While waiting to sell my home in Dallas, I temporarily worked for a Canadian silk bedding company who have road shows nationwide at Costcos.  The owner of the company is good with me contacting them to work when I'm in an area where they have shows.  But that is just a bonus for me!

Other than that?  SO MUCH MORE!

Workers on Wheels
Work for RVers and Campers: Employment, Volunteer Positions, Jobs, and remote Business Resources

Ad Hoc Group ~ RVers and Freelancers
Helpful links for those who love the RVing life and to those who need only to find a way to make a living to join in this wonderfully nomadic way to live.

Backdoor Jobs ~ Short Term Job Adventures
Opportunities to work, travel, play, live, learn, help, create, experience and grow.

Camp Host Jobs
Great Jobs in the Outdoors
Find Summer Jobs and Seasonal Work in Great Places
Guest ranch jobs go way beyond riding horses! Guest service, meal service, housekeeping, chuckwagon cookouts, children's activities, gardening, and More!

Help Exchange
Free Volunteer Work Exchange in U.S. and Abroad (Australia New Zealand Canada Europe) the site for free work exchange.
Gap year volunteer for food and accommodation whilst traveling abroad.

Find Festival Jobs
Festival and fair employment, internships and volunteer opportunities.

Darien Lake, Darien Center, NY
Many Seasonal Positions Available in Amusement Park and Hotel/Campground

Dollywood, Pigeon Forge TN
Main Employment Site (Resort, Entertainment, Etc.):
Dollywood Park & Cabins:

Happy Vagabonds: Jobs for RVers
 Work Camping Jobs, Camp Host Jobs, Campground Jobs for RV Campers

Help Wanted for RV Parks and Campgrounds
Paid listings for jobs available in the RV industry.

National Forests Parks and More Jobs
The Federal Government agencies including the National Parks Service, US Army Corp of Engineers, National Forest Service and More has an all-in-one Volunteer Position website with Current Listings and Brief Job Descriptions. Just Fill out your application once and you can submit it to any job, anywhere in the US.

US Fish and Wildlife Volunteers
Volunteer opportunities at more than 500 National Wildlife Refuges and fish hatcheries throughout the United States.
USFW Volunteer opportunites by state.

National Park Service volunteer Jobs
There are more than 400 national parks in the U.S. and even more ways that you can help. Find an opportunity at a park near you.

Find State Park Workamping Jobs
Snowbird RV Trails: Where to Find & Apply for State Campground and Park Host Workamping Jobs by State.

US Army Corps of Engineers (COE)
Find opportunities at:

Government Contract Application Quick Start Guide:

Seasonal Job Opportunities Nationwide
Includes link to Google Doc listing websites with seasonal job opportunities. 

Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road All the "how-to's" of working and volunteering on the road plus more than 360 ideas for earning or making money.
Bringing employers and RV work campers together.

Work For KOA
KOA Campgrounds Work kamper program
Work Camper Positions - Campground

 Work for Skilled Trade Workers
Website for traveling tradesmen and women.


NOTE: Oilfield Gate Guard Hiring and Contact Information*
Search blog for more advice about Gate Guard jobs:

*PLEASE DO NOT call or email to ask questions about gate guarding. Ask those in the forums. They are extremely busy and often take time to call back or don't return calls or email unless they actually have something right now for you. Like getting any other job, you may need to contact multiple times. Most are in Texas.
  • Gate Guard Services 361-949-6992 (Have their own yards with full hookups to wait for a gate.)
  • Sitewatch 903-561-7202 Riata Cheryl McCollum 936 645-5662
  • KC Services Kim 956-791-0064
  • Pro Gate 830-776-8666
  • Trinity 979-241-1675
  • Oil Field Support Services 361-815-7050
  • Primo 361-563-9272  361-563-3080
  • LOMA Rentals 817-964-182
  • 8J&G Security Justin French or Jo Ann Blackmon 956-236-5255 361-358-0443
  • Capital Well Service mjimenez@capitalwellservice.netD.A.D.S 210-844-7393
  • D&G Enterprise 817-291-2737
  • C & K Rentals
  • Streamline Field Services 979-541-9883
  • A & D Oilfield Gate Guard Services 956-236-2377
  • Alcatraz Gate Guard Services 817-209-8602
  • Red Horse Protection 817-312-3515
  • Superior Onsite Security 940-435-9221
  • Overwatch   
  • Oilfield Gate Guard Services, LLC 281-338-9933
  • Secured Gates, Jack 469-203-5053
  • Regulators Gate Guards Jack Powers 361-945-4546
Rig Zone
Resource for jobs in the oil and gas industry.


WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms 
World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms: Linking volunteers with organic farms and growers. In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.

Sugar Beet Harvest
Seasonal harvest information and open positions
Harvest Facebook page - hand report of sugar beet harvest work, with video.

ATTRA: National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
Sustainable Farming Internships & Apprenticeships: A directory of on-the-job learning opportunities.


I have to say thanks to for the above links!

As I travel and work in my RV, meet other people doing the same, this list will grow and change so check it often!

Happy Camping!!!
Chris of Phoenix, AZ...Tower Guard at Rainbow Rim near North Grand Canyon.  Not a camper or workamper.  Just a worker I met along my travels.

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