Friday, December 18, 2015


The best part of anything is the beginning.  There are a few exceptions but it's pretty well a basic truth.

Starting that new job that you were praying to get...woohoo!  That "woohoo" dies down quickly to a "is it 5 oclock yet?".  Commitment to lose that weight by a certain date pumps you up...til you start.  Marriage at first is so happy and sweet then it's all business (typically). 

Excitement at hitting the road again and knowing the reality of situations on that road are truly nothing to be excited about.  Yet still, the anticipation makes the heart beat faster.  Beginning a new adventure, even knowing the down sides but only concentrating on the fun of it all, the feeling it gives, the encompassing freedom & the knowledge that you'll learn...something!  That you'll experience life, new friendships, survive things you had never imagined, and find your best self through it all.

People comment often on how brave they think I am and how much they admire me for my lifestyle and how I inspire them to try to do the same.  I'm asked how I can do what I'm doing.  I have no tangible answer.  I thank them as it's truly an honor to inspire!  All I can offer is that I have no fear...I know God has my back...I trust people!  I'm doing what I feel I should be doing.  It's a happiness, a "call", a search, and hopefully a destination.

Yes, the best part of anything is the beginning.  How you come through the finale is a miracle, I'd say, and a signature strength that only you can earn.  I can't wait to begin again!

P.S.  The Exceptions are family, friends and pets!!

Friday, December 11, 2015


I've been very emotional today for some reason! definitely is playing a part but the people in my life are the catalyst.  I have amazingly good friends, caring, giving, sharing friends.  After another long week of night labor, I crashed while a friend took my Jeep to the shop then woke me up (after a good 6.5 hrs sleep) to go pick it up.  We then went out to the local small town bar for a couple of beers and to shoot some pool before I left; and I just soaked it all in!!  The people, the dive bar atmosphere, the patrons, the music on the jukebox, and the friends I was with.

I love my country!  It's beautiful in so many ways...the culture, the scenery, the people.  I'll be finished working the seasonal job I got at Amazon (Amazon Camperforce) very soon so will hit the road camping to visit friends and family for about a month before I branch off on the next leg of my adventurous journey through this life!

I'm leaving for a while...indefinitely.  Australia is my first destination.  I need to arrive down under before winter hits as I want to visit and explore then ferry down to New Zealand to hike a few glacier areas (Tongariro Alpine Crossing being one of them) before winter!  Then back to northern Oz and Asia and see the trend? :)

I guess, since time seems to be flying, it hit me that I'm leaving my good friends and family and this wonderful place we call America (that I've spent the past 2 years traversing) very soon.  Deciding to go was no decision. No Lillie...time to travel overseas.  That was it.  While I still have meager savings to help me out, I'm healthy enough, in good enough shape, and can think of nothing better than seeing the world....I'm embracing my need!!

That doesn't mean I won't miss my friends, my family or my Shantilly life!!  My backpack..hmm..guess I should name it now as it will house my world!! 

The following are SOME pics of me with friends!  Too many others so if you're not included, I'm sorry.  It's late, I'm tired, but I love you all!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lillie in My Rearview But Forever in My Heart

I left New Mexico and, instead of heading to Texas, I decided to see the aspens change their color in Colorado.  Spiritual renewal for nature and me, I'd hoped.  It was the day after choosing to give my friend peace.  "Objects are closer than they appear".  Lillie will, from now on, be in my rearview but forever enfolded in my heart and mind!

The mountain views off of the Million Dollar Hwy and in Durango and Silver City were amazing and therapeutic!  The weather was perfect and the casino I parked at was awesome!!  I was going to stay only 2 nights but loved it so much that I stayed 5.  If you're looking to go to the Durango area, visit Sky Ute Casino!!  The staff, pool/hot tub, casino, restaurants, RV park, showers/toilets, and I'm sure (though I didn't need them), the accommodations are amazing!!

I finally left there to return to Texas.  From upper 60's temps to mid-90's was not nice but I needed to park Shantilly and Jeep so I could fly to Hawaii to visit my daughter and son-in-law.  I cried a lot as living without Lillie was difficult and Shantilly felt extremely different without her.  I bought Shantilly FOR Lillie!

Hawaii did me a world of good!  I was out of Shantilly (where I pictured Lillie all of the time) and was having to interact with people!  I couldn't shut myself in.  My daughter kept me active and entertained and Hawaii itself did as well!!

Oahu offered a lot of distractions for me!  I hiked a lot, visited various beaches, visited Pearl Harbor, took a dance trip on a night pirate ship, ate amazing food, danced, played a weird beer pong kind of game (slap pong)..apparently invented by my son-in-law, and took a multitude of amazing pictures of the incredibly beautiful landscapes!!  I  met my daughter's good friends, I drank a lot, I relaxed, I got sunburned, I ate AMAZING pineapple ice cream at Dole Plantation (where my daughter works), I had a blast doing a sort of scavenger hunt in the  "world's largest maze" at Dole Plantation, I saw awesome
waterfalls, hula dances, Japanese tourists to the extreme, discovered a lot of "pill boxes" left behind by WWII, met fun travelers from all over (my favorite thing!), and got 2 weeks of precious time with my youngest baby girl. I also had the bonus of my nephew visiting the area with a friend for a week (some of the BEST of those fun times were spent with them!)!!

Now, I'm moving forward!  In 6 days, I go to work!  What???!!!  Yup.  I will park Shantilly in Boyd, TX and start work for Amazon Camperforce.  I'll be at the Amazon Haslet, TX warehouse (largest Amazon warehouse in the world, so I've
read)!  It is a fullfillment center and I'm hoping for the most physical job so that I can get back in shape! 
Other than just plain needing to make some money, the reason I chose this job is so that I can be near my new granddaughter for her first Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I also want to spend time with my first born and her husband before I leave.

Leave?  Where am I going?  Well, once work ends and after Christmas, I plan to head out for a last bout of Shantilly camping and friend/family visiting (south and east US) before I park Shantilly and Jeep indefinitely. My current plan is to fly to Australia in early February.  If I can get a house/pet sitting gig for 1 to 3 months, I'd be in heaven!  I'll let y'all know the score!!