Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting There

Sunset in Key West, FL
Getting there is a sort of limbo.  We are all working on "getting there" in everything that we do.  From physical and emotional health, to work, to raising our kids, to an actual destination.  Getting there can be a way station but it is, most importantly, an advancement.  It means we are moving forward!

I've gotten there, been there, moved on from there, and returned to there.  As in EVERYTHING that I have
posted and intend to continue to post, it's all in the journey to there!

Shantilly's first campground.
Getting there recently was from Possum Kingdom, Texas to a Walmart parking lot outside of Mobile, Alabama to my parents' land in north central Florida for the Christmas holidays.  While there, my step-dad worked hard on my behalf on Shantilly's plumbing and any other issue that raised it's head.  I had no worries
about traveling on safely to my next there.

Then, getting there was following A1A down to Miami to stay with a very long time friend from my days in Italy to see in the New Year.  While there, I also got to spend time with a newer friend from vacation time in the Dominican Republic!  Despite the difference in years, we have all changed since last meeting, we've grown but we are still getting there.

Traveling on down A1A to the very southern most tip of the United States, you'd think I was there!  I was...for the moment.  For the sun, the sea, the warmth, the people...I was there.  Leaving and meeting a hardcore backpacker traveling from the Keys through the Everglades and to and beyond the Florida trail.  He was getting there in a more intense mode than I currently was but it's the journey, after all.  The lessons vary.

My there moved on around the Gulf coast of Florida, through Fort Myers and Tampa...back up to my parents then on into a very cold Georgia.  I visited family and friends and moved on down the road to Alabama.  Finally ending up back in Dallas. 

On the way to there, my hitch became sadder and sadder.  Which means more and more dangerous for me to tow Shantilly!  I've had 2 consults from 2 completely different mediums and will take my Jeep to a body shop for yet another.  I'm safely parked in Carrollton, Texas with many friends to call on if I'm in need!

I'm getting there!  Yes, I'm now in a travel limbo but time is something I have now.  It is a gift that we all have but are too busy racing through.  I'm going to enjoy this! 

May we all enjoy getting there!

7 Mile Bridge

Camping in the Everglades

Good Morning, Campers!

Fishing is THE THING in Florida

Lillie met a lot of Fans! LOL

Shantilly was good with visiting friends in GA or anywhere else!