Sunday, July 20, 2014


Turns out, my renter was the worst renter in the world.  He didn't steal EVERYTHING. He didn't pay the rent. He left me with damages.  It could have been worse though.  I decided to let it go and move on!

So now, I'm selling!  I listed my place; had 18 people through it in 3 days!  4 full ask offers in 4 days!  Sellers market has apparently fallen through the rabbit hole!!!!  I close in 3 days.

Lillie is confused, insecure, and sticking to me like glue.  Everything has happened so fast that I can't figure out how to ease her discomfort.  I take comfort in knowing we will be on the road.  Lillie and I will be forever on the road!!!

Having said that, I'm going to sit outside on the patio furniture that is being picked up tomorrow.  Change is always a double edged sword!   So, Lillie and I will enjoy my patio & me & then move on to new memories.

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