Friday, April 3, 2015

You Don't Choose A Life...You Live One

Day in, day out most of the human population wakes up and does whatever they do in the mornings/afternoons/evenings to prepare for several hours of work so that they can pay the ever present bills.  The ever growing bills.  Stress rules unless they are one of the very few lucky enough to love their job.  Life expectancy reduces daily, expenses rise as does the inability to pay them, divorce rates rise, suicide rates rise, and general lack of happiness becomes the norm.

Change.  However you do it, change is a life saver in every way!  

I started this journey with a tent, a jeep, and my sweetheart old dog.  Though I'm now in much fancier accommodations (1968 Shasta 14 footer), the journey continues.  I'm luckier than some that I meet along the way in that I have an IRA and access to retirement in a couple of years.  The ones I've met who don't have learned how to make their way through a little bit of work and a large network of "friends".

Just as I depend on my fantastic network of friends and family and strangers (couchsurfing), they depend on complete strangers and a large network of like minded web friends.  While I'm paying for RV memberships for 10-50% off "RV Resorts", they sharpen their knowledge of boondocking (free) campsites.  I do the same, as well, but if the weather or my state of mind is not conducive to lack of electricity, I do have the luxury to find nicer accommodations.

Either way, with full hookups or parked on Walmart pavement, we have much in common!!  We have made the choice to live our lives as we feel it should be lived!

I had a fantastic condo, a multitude of amazing friends (they are still there for me!), great neighbors, a well paying job....but I wasn't fulfilled....not truly happy.  As my friends know, I am addicted to travel!  I typically went to 3 countries a year.  My happiest times were when I was planning my next trip (which was most of  my day!).  Relief is the best word to explain being told I was laid off.  When you're only working for the dollar, misery is inevitable.

I'm no longer working....much less for the dollar.  When I do work, it's for the pure need to make a buck to help pay for food or gas.  The only part of working that I enjoy is meeting new people.  That is one thing I couldn't do people in my life!

I certainly didn't choose to be miserable so I changed my life by deciding to live it to the fullest.  Fear happens along the way and I choose to hit it head on, as should everyone!!  Give me a beautiful sunset, Lillie snoring at my feet, a thick steak on my puny grill, and a breeze any day over a windowless, gray office and an unfulfilled boss!

Random thoughts in southern California from a very content and relatively young woman!

"NO FEAR!!"  Words to live by!!

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